Press Release

At the June 3, 2020 Soda Springs City Council Meeting, the local Rotary Club and Lions Club reported their respective decisions regarding the 2020 Annual 4th of July Celebration.  Due to current circumstances, this year’s 4th of July Celebration activities in Soda Springs have been canceled.  

Both Clubs expressed how very hard the decision was to make by these key Community Sponsors.  Both the Rotary Club and the Lions Club express their thanks to the community and all the volunteers that make the 4th of July special every year and encourage families to create a wonderful memory this year while celebrating the Country’s Independence in your own special way.  To further explain: 

Recently, the Rotary Club voted unanimously to not sponsor the 4th of July activities in Soda Springs for 2020 due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This decision was made after several weeks of discussion, information gathering, and research into the potential safety/economic/liability impacts of such events.  Overall, three factors led to this decision: 

Holding a firework display and associated activities would put the safety of our community at risk.
  • Rotary could not guarantee social distancing at these events.
  • Surrounding cities and counties have cancelled their 4th of July events, so holding events in Soda Springs may draw unusually large crowds from outside our community. This would increase the risk that the disease could be introduced and spread within our community.
 Major donors withdrew their support for the 4th of July events, and there were questions about Rotary’s liability should a worst-case scenario with Covid-19 occur as a direct result of these events.
  1. Each year the major industries and employers in the area donate funds for 4th of July activities, and these donors decided these activities presented risks that ran contrary to their efforts of minimizing the spread of the virus at their locations and the surrounding community.
  2. These donors have agreed to give their usual 4th of July donations to an alternate event(s) to support local Covid-19 relief efforts.
  3. Rotary felt it was inappropriate to ask local small businesses for donations this year given the challenges many are facing. 
We come together as Rotarians to serve our community. This year, given the unique challenges of Covid-19, we feel that devoting our limited time and resources to 4th of July festivities is not the best way to serve the interests of our community.
  1. In lieu of the 4th of July we are currently open to, and discussing, other projects and initiatives to serve the community and keep safety as a top priority. Recently we organized firework shows for the Grace, Bancroft, and Soda Springs graduation ceremonies, and we completed a blood drive in late May to bolster blood supply in this region.
  2. Rotarians enjoy sponsoring 4th of July activities and look forward to doing so in the future. Our fireworks vendor has agreed to honor our contract in 2021 without penalties. 

Equally, the Lions Club very much wanted to support the community, who needs them more than ever right now, by being able to sponsor the normal 4th of July breakfast and lunch.  The Lions Club was willing to try to do everything they could to make it happen but complying with the Governor’s guidelines was unrealistic for the Club and the event.  With the major activities canceled it would not be realistic for them to hold the breakfast and lunch.  The Lions Club is willing to be there for the community in any way possible and still give people a choice but do not want to put anyone at risk.    

The Rotary Club, Lions Club and the entire City of Soda Springs wish everyone a safe, healthy and enjoyable summer and we look forward to resuming our July 4th celebration in 2021!

Interim Guidance for Safe Gatherings & Public Events In Idaho

Rebound Idaho Stage Guidance 


You Can Request a Copy at City Hall

Rebound Idaho Cash Grants will accept applications for the self-employed on May 27. Here is the application information https://gov.idaho.gov/pressrelease/gov-little-extends-cash-grants-to-self-employed. Many of our small single owner business did not receive any type of financial assistance. Please pass this information forward.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available to order through the State of Idaho at supplies.idaho.gov

Caribou County Food Bank is stocked and open it's regular hours Wednesday's 1-3 PM. Please come to the big garage door.

City Hall will be reopening our doors on June 3rd with six-foot physical distancing requirements.
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  • One-way traffic through the building
  • We encourage everyone to continue to use the drive-up window, the payment drop boxes, the online payment portal, and to call us with questions or to make a payment – (208)-547-2600 
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City Council meetings are open to the public but due to our limited space we will only be able to accommodate a maximum of 8 in-person attendees – all meetings will also be held via telephone conference to allow all public to listen in.  If you would like to speak at the meeting; please call the day prior to the meeting to be assigned an appointment time.   
The Mayor and City Council encourage all residents to take precautions to protect themselves from COVID-19 by:
  • Washing hands often
  • Physical distancing
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Cover coughs & sneezes
  • Limit travel & visiting public places
  • Self-evaluate for symptoms and call your Doctor if you are sick
Additional information on ways to help prevent the spread of the disease can be found at www.siphidaho.org/coronavirus.php , www.coronavirus.idaho.gov  and www.cdc.gov
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