With coronavirus cases surging in states across the country, we are at a pivotal moment in our fight against the pandemic. Today, we know significantly more about the virus and how to prevent the spread than we did when the first wave hit earlier this year.
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In an effort to protect our citizens & employees we are limiting access to City Hall.
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We emphasize the need for:  1) Face Coverings in Public, 2) Social Distancing and 3) Limit Social Gatherings/Settings

SIPH Stated-"We know face coverings and six feet of space works," Jeppesen [Director of Idaho Health and Welfare] said. "We know we are not going to stop transmission, but we know those measures slow down the transmission and don't risk our healthcare capacity. And as we look at the data where current cases are coming from, they're not coming from classrooms, they're not coming from people going to the grocery store. It's really in those social settings, it's sporting events and going to church, the community events."  
Recommendations are:

      • Strongly recommend and advise face coverings when in public
      • Limit indoor gatherings to no more than 50 people
      • Encourage vulnerable populations (elderly, individuals with underlying health conditions) to self-isolate
      • Strongly encourage telework for those that are able
      • Limiting travel/visitors to the region as well as travel within the State to areas with high rates of spread
      • Congregate living facilities close to visitors and extra precautions implemented for employees
      • Businesses implement delivery/curb-side services as much as possible
      • Places of worship implement virtual services where possible
      • Discontinue youth and adult sports/activities in which physical distancing is not possible
      • Consider industry-specific measures/restrictions
      • Schools should implement plans in response to these guidelines and those of Idaho Back to School Framework 2020

NOTE: Any or all of these strategies may be implemented

The SIPH Board of Health voted to increase the risk level in many of its counties October 29, 2020. Bannock, Bingham, Caribou, Butte, Power and Franklin Counties are in the high-risk category and Bear Lake and Oneida Counties are in the moderate risk category. To find out more about SIPH’s Regional Response Plan, visit siphidaho.org.

Interim Guidance for Safe Gatherings & Public Events In Idaho


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