Utility Outages/Emergencies

With the current weather the snow plow policy will be extended until futher notice. Please do not park on City Streets

Snow Removal And Reminders


The City of Soda Springs understands the challenges of winter and greatly appreciates the cooperation of all City Residents.  Remember to please be considerate of your neighbor’s property and needs.   

When removing snow from your driveway please do not push it across the street and do not deposit snow in the street.  Snow is required to be placed on your own property.

Reminder: City Code does not allow overnight parking on City Streets. Please do not leave cars, trucks, trailers or any other obstruction parked on the street overnight.  This allows for easier and more efficient early morning plowing.  Vehicles can be towed at any time without notice if they are interfering with snow removal.

Snow Plowing

The City starts removing snow from the City Streets when 4 inches of snow has accumulated on the roads. We strive to clear all first-priority roads within 24 hours following a storm, and aim to clear all remaining streets within 48 hours following a storm.

Priority Roads

During ongoing, severe storms, emergency services and then school bus routes will take precedence for safety reasons. Once the storm begins to subside, crews will move on to business areas, inner subdivision streets and cul-de-sacs. Please be patient as it may take a little longer to reach every street in a major storm. 

Priority 1: emergency services, school zones, business areas and high traffic roadways receive top plowing priority. As long as the snow keeps falling, the City's number one priority is to keep the main roads open and passable. Once these streets are clear, crews proceed to second- and third-priority streets.  

Priority 2: Streets through residential subdivisions, including roads that connect back to a collector street are second priority. Since crews have to clear priority streets first, residential streets may not be plowed until after snowstorm has subsided.

Priority 3: Cul-de-sacs, circles and dead-end streets have the lowest priority of snow removal and are cleared last because of low traffic volume on these roads along with the airport, shooting range and park parking lots. This could take 48 hours or longer after a major storm ends. 

Private lanes and private streets are not plowed. 

Driveway Berms

Berming is an inconvenient result of plowing. Property owners are responsible for clearing the berm to gain access to the roadway.

If anyone has questions or concerns, please call City Hall 208-547-2600.

The City’s snow removal code and snow removal policy is available by clicking the link. 


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