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For new services there is a $150.00 deposit for residential and $250.00 deposit for commercial required and you must come to City Hall at 9 W 2nd S, please bring your photo ID, know your social security number and have the address of your new location. Once you pay your bill on time for one year your deposit is credited back towards your account, or in the event you move before then it will be applied towards your final bill. Any questions call City Hall at 208-547-2600.

The City of Soda Springs is truly unique in that it provides its citizens with almost all of their necessary utilities such as electricity, water, sewer and garbage.
The natural gas is provided through Intermountain Gas.

Soda Springs has two of its own hydroelectric plants as well as a contract with Bonneville Power that allows it to provide electricity at a rate 30% lower than those living outside of Soda Springs have to pay through Rocky Mountain Power. Soda Springs provides its water, sewer and garbage at a flat monthly rate making it easy for you to anticipate your average monthly bill. For those who have lived in the same residence for over a year you can call in the spring to set-up your Utilities Account on a level pay.

Utility Late fee applied after the 10th of each month.
Electrical Connect and Disconnect-during working hours fee $25.00,  After hours fee $50.00
Water Connect and Disconnect-during working hours fee $25.00,  After Hours is fee $50.00

Power, Water, and Sewer Rates Click Here.

How to read your utility bill


This is a step by step guide for how to read your bill and understand the charges for your various utilities.



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