Animal Control & Animal License

All dogs and cats are required to be registered with the City of Soda Springs. City Code Title 6
To register your animals you must come to City Hall, at 9 W 2nd S. to get licenses for each dog or cat.
You will need to know your pet's breed, recent vaccination date, rabies tag number and address where you live.
The fee to register your pets is $5.00 each if they are spayed or neutered and $15.00 each if they are not.
If you own more than three pets you are required to apply for a kennel license, for questions regarding a kennel license please call City Hall at 208-547-2600.

To contact Animal Control-Officer Kelly Rice by calling 208-547-7100, if she does not answer leave a message. 

Animal Fees    
License - neutered/spayed $5.00  
              - Intact male/female $15.00  
Kennel License $20.00  + licenses
Kennel-American Kennel Club Registered $20.00 licenses not required
Ticket-1st $30.00  
           -2nd $60.00  
           -3rd Misdemeanor  
Impoundment $10.00 a day licensed & running at large ticket
  $25.00 a day unlicensed & running at large ticket


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