Geyser Park


Soda Springs has the only captive geyser in the world. 
Address: 39 W 1st S, Soda Springs, ID 83276     

Soda Springs is famous for its Geyser as well as the several mineral springs, Octagon Springs, Hooper Springs and Lover's Delight. In 1937, local businessmen set out to find hot water for a commercial bathhouse and health resort. On Nov. 28 of that year, the drill struck a carbon dioxide gas chamber 315 feet underground. Hot water soon began shooting out of the ground to more than 45 feet in the air. Once the 3,500-pound drill bit was removed, the water shot even higher to more than 70 feet.  The Soda Springs Geyser was born. After a few weeks, the city received a telegram from the Secretary of the Interior asking them to turn the geyser off because “… it is throwing the world-famous ‘Old Faithful Geyser’ off schedule.”

The City of Soda Springs has the geyser set on a timer to go off every hour on the hour. You can see the Geyser today blow 70 feet into the air and hear it roar "Like a mad dragon," as described by one of the developers in 1937. The Geyser is open to the public year-round, with no fees.
If you are visiting and find that it does not go off at the scheduled time, please call City Hall at 208-547-2600.


Present-day Soda Springs boasts a population of more than 3,000 people. Its dedicated citizens have worked to preserve the city’s rich history making a visit there one of a kind.

There is a Visitor Center which features interpretive signs and restrooms in the park. There is a boardwalk around the geyser and grassy areas with picnic tables and benches to enjoy the day and view the geyser. The geyser is located behind the Enders Hotel located on 1st South and Main. Make a stop at one of our hometown restaurants for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

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