Corrigan Park

Address: 51 E 2nd S, Soda Springs, ID 83276

Corrigan Park, City Park as it is commonly referred to, is located in downtown Soda Springs right alongside Highway 30. At 11 1/2 acres it is the city's second largest park. Mr. Thomas Corrigan donated this land to the city. The Lions Club, the City of Soda Springs, and the citizens of Soda Springs have helped create this park.

pavilionThe pavilion is located at the South East corner of City Park. It has lights and power outlets for your needs. If you would like to reserve the pavilion for a special event, please call City Hall at (208) 547-2600.

Park Pavilions  
City/Kelly/Hooper Resident/Non-Resident
                              (under 50 people - 1/2 day) $20 / $30
                              (under 50 - whole day) $35 / $45
                              (over 50  - 1/2 day) $40/ $50
                              (over 50 - whole day) $60 / $70
                              (under 50 people - 1/2 day) $10 / $20
                              (under 50 - whole day) $25 / $35
                              (over 50  - 1/2 day) $30 / $40
                              (over 50 - whole day) $50 / $60


City Park is our busiest park and is host to many special events throughout the year like the annual classic car show, the Fourth of July tournament and festivities, the Geyser Days Salmon Feed, little league tournaments, and many others. It boasts many different amenities for the community to enjoy: a lighted basketball court, a lighted baseball diamond, a lighted skate park, two sand volleyball courts, a second little league diamond, a pavilion, two sets of playground equipment, an outdoor stage, restrooms, shade trees, and picnic tables.

In addition to all of the amenities available, there are also some historical items located around the park. There is the Dinkey Engine, The Conda Bus, and a war memorial.

dinky     Tally_Ho

Conda Bus

Between 1922 and 1936 this railroad coach provided the only means of transportation for phosphate mine workers and others, between Soda Springs and the town of Conda, 8 miles north of Soda Springs. It was restored in 1999.

Dinkey Engine

This miniature locomotive played an integral part in the history of Caribou County. When the dam for Alexander Reservoir was built in 1924, it hauled supplies to the dam. Trapped by rising water, the locomotive was abandoned. In 1976 the reservoir was drained for repairs, uncovering the locomotive. It was restored by Union Pacific Railroad, and presented to the City of Soda Springs.

Logan Sprague Memorial Park                                    park

Friends of the Soda Springs City Park
Is a non-profit organization committed to enriching the lives of Soda Springs and surrounding communities.
Our mission is to enrich the lives of Soda Springs and surrounding communities, by providing a safe welcoming play area for people of all ages and abilities to play and learn.
Our goal is to build community pride through volunteerism and improve the beautification and local economies.

Skate Park
Skate Park


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