Commissions & Committees

If you are interested in being involved on any of these committees please contact City Hall (208) 547-2600.

Airport Commission--There is created an airport commission to be known as the Soda Springs airport commission consisting of four members, appointed as needed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council. Each member of the commission shall serve for a period of two years, and may be reappointed or removed from office by the mayor with the approval of the city council. All members of the commission shall serve without compensation.

SHARE LINK TO SECTIONPRINT SECTIONDOWNLOAD (DOCX) OF SECTIONSEMAIL SECTIThe airport commission shall make recommendations to the mayor and city council concerning the maintenance, repairs, management, use and operation of the Allen H. Tigert Municipal Airport.
Greater Soda Springs Community Development Committee (GSSCDC)--Created a board to be known as the "Greater Soda Springs Community Development Board". The board shall actively promote the development of community assets which will improve the lives and lifestyles of the inhabitants of the greater Soda Springs area; receive and administer expense funds for such purposes, and engage in activities or functions necessary to further enhance the natural, social, historical, cultural, artistic or economic environment of the greater Soda Springs, Idaho area.

Parks & Recreation Commission--The members of the commission shall meet and organize by electing one of their
members chairman and such other officers as may be necessary every year, on the first regularly scheduled meeting after January 1st. The commission shall have the power to adopt bylaws, rules and regulations for the proper conduct of the parks and recreation commission. Such bylaws, rules and regulations are subject to the approval by the mayor and city council. Robert's Rules of Order shall prevail at all regular scheduled meetings. The commission shall hold a minimum of six meetings per year.

Planning & Zoning Commission-- There is created a commission to be known and designated as the planning and zoning commission of the city. The commission shall consist of at least five members but no more than seven to be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by a majority vote of the city council. At the time of passage of this ordinance, the present number of members is seven, and the present members of the commission shall continue to serve the remaining portions of their terms until expiration thereof, or until a vacancy occurs in said position. 

Soda Springs Public Library Board--The mayor, with the consent of the council shall appoint a board of five library trustees from among the citizens of the city, and not more than one member of the council of the city shall, at any time, be a member of said board. Such trustees shall hold their office for five years from the date of appointment and until their successors are appointed. Upon their first appointment they shall divide themselves at their first meeting, by lot, into five classes: one member shall form the first class and shall serve for one year from the date of appointment; one member shall form the second class and shall serve for two years from the date of appointment; one member shall form the third class and shall serve for three years from the date of appointment; one member shall form the fourth class and shall serve for four years from the date of appointment; and one member shall form the fifth class and shall serve for five years from the date of appointment. All vacancies shall be reported to the city council within five days by its trustees and shall be filled by appointment in the same manner as appointments are originally made. Appointment to complete an unexpired term shall be for the residue of the term only. No compensation shall be paid or allowed to any trustee in any manner whatsoever.

Traffic Safety Commission--The duties and purposes of the commission are as follows: to study and make recommendations to the city council for the adoption of plans for traffic safety as recommended by the National Safety Council study; to coordinate city traffic safety plans into the state plan; to make suggestions for projects designated to increase safety in pedestrian and school traffic and to generally improve traffic safety in the city; to recommend the development, study and needs for public streets, highways and transportation facilities in and surrounding the city; to recommend plans for the construction, development, location and extension of public streets within the city and for county, state and federal highways surrounding the city or in which the city may be interested or affected; to study and recommend to all governmental bodies and agencies legislation and policies for the improvement, safety and development of public streets and highways; to work with and submit recommendations, studies and advice to the city planning and zoning commission; to solicit the support and cooperation of the citizens and organizations of the community; to promote and obtain street and highway development; to prepare and disseminate information needed by various governmental bodies and agencies; to aid in the development and improvement of the public streets and highways in the city or in which the city may be interested or affected.

Tree Committee--

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