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Trees are beautiful and essential but can also interfere with power lines, causing power outages.  Trees that grow too close to high-voltage power lines create hazardous conditions that can cause fires, endanger homes and interrupt electric service effecting hundreds of residents.

Trees whipped by winds or weighed down by snow will often cause power interruptions that disrupt business or home life, as well as compromise critical services such as hospitals and police.

Homeowners are ultimately responsible to keep trees trimmed to prevent interference with all electrical lines.  Homeowners should assess the trees on their property that could make contact with electrical lines and immediately trim those trees.  If it can be done safely homeowners can trim trees or a professional tree trimming company may need to be hired. 

The City tries to assist with tree trimming when unsafe conditions exist and tree growth is interfering with the City’s transmission or distribution lines.  If trees require repeated pruning or continually interfere with power lines this is expensive to ratepayers and the best solution may be tree removal.

To reduce the need for future pruning, it’s best to choose an appropriate tree for the space.  Always consider size and placement of trees that are planted below or next to electrical lines including the service line to your home.

Safety reminders

  • Look up! When outdoors be aware of overhead powerlines
  • Treat all power lines as energized and dangerous
  • Keep a safe distance from power lines when trimming trees
  • Do not attempt to remove branches or trees that have fallen on a power line
  • Never touch or go near a fallen power line, and do not touch anything the wire is resting on
  • Before digging holes to plant trees, install sprinklers or set fence posts always call 811 Dig Line to have underground utilities located

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