Youth Baseball


Youth Baseball

 Our Youth Baseball program runs approximately mid-April until the first week of July. There are four different divisions that we offer:

      1) T-ball which is co-ed and open to ages 5-6

      2) Midget "Coach Pitch" League which is co-ed as well, and is for ages 7-8

      3) Minor League  for boy's ages 9-10 and Modified Fast pitch for girls 9-10. 

      4) Major Leagues is for boys ages 11-12 and and Fast Pitch for girls 11-12.

The fee for Baseball is $35 per player for those who live within city limits and $40 for those who live outside city limits (i.e. Wood Canyon, Bailey Creek, etc.)

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We have all-star (traveling) teams that play in tournaments for the Minor and Major Leagues.  Our tournament is tyrpically scheduled for the second weekend in July.
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