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For generations, families have relied on the bountiful resources of the southeast Idaho Phosphate Patch to live, work, and raise their families. Phosphate mining is a century-long tradition in Caribou County. Conda has proudly operated continuously in the phosphate patch for nearly 35 years. The Husky 1/North Dry Ridge Mine Project (H1/NDR) is our next step to continue Itafos Conda's mission to support North American agriculture.




Economic Impact
With decades of continuous operations, Itafos Conda has become an integral part of the social and economic structure of Caribou County and the surrounding communities while supplying fertilizer products to meet local and regional agricultural needs. Many Itafos Conda workers come from generations of phosphate miners and fertilizer producers. Continuing to permit projects like H1/NDR keeps communities like ours alive by providing more than 500 jobs that generate more than $50 million in local wages and benefits. Our facility alone is credited to helping support local employment opportunities by an estimated 1,500 additional jobs through contractors, materials, services, and supplies from local providers. We eat at the local restaurants, fill up at local service stations and buy our parts locally every chance we get. We are also one of the largest taxpayers in the area, helping our state and county to better fund schools, roads, infrastructure, and more. Every year Itafos Conda contributes roughly $367 million to Idaho’s economy.




Environmental Protections
Permitting mines like Husky 1/North Dry Ridge has become more complex over the past few decades. This is because of our commitment to ensure responsible mining in our community. The permitting process ensures all involved are held to the highest standards of excellence and that we are all continuously working to fulfill our environmental stewardship responsibilities. Husky 1/North Dry Ridge incorporates many safeguards to protect the environment including:

  • A robust cover system to protect groundwater and surface water after mining
  • Maximize backfill and end of mine rehandle to eliminate remaining final phase open pit
  • Incorporating reclamation of historic open mine pits
  • Re-establishing waterways
  • Reclaiming 93% of new disturbances
  • Utilizing existing facilities where possible
  • Implementing stringent stormwater controls
  • Using natural cap and cover wherever environmentally possible
  • Managing Phosphoria formation overburden to ensure selenium is not released to the environment

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