Mayor Smith hit the ground running when he became Mayor in January of 2014 with a strong vision of improving the City he calls home and that he is so proud to be a part of for almost three (3) decades now.  From his first month of service, he was committed to see the City’s economy thrive through improved infrastructure and beautification. Over the past four (4) years, the Mayor’s efforts have been extensive.  He has set in motion a pattern to update needed city infrastructure.  These improvements have played a role in seeing new businesses developed and existing businesses revived. Improvements and growth come with some increased costs.  As improvement projects moved forward, the Mayor insisted that the City not only maintain and but expand reduced utility rates for seniors and to low-income residents.  The Mayor’s compassion has been noted and appreciated. Above all, Mayor Smith emphasized the importance of working safely.  New safety procedures were implemented for City employees because of his strong desire to keep the City’s valued employees safe. The Mayor’s knowledge of budgeting and ability to manage limited resources has proven to be a winning combination. Mayor Smith has left his mark and the City of Soda Springs is better for having had him serve its citizens as our Mayor. For that we thank you, Mayor Jim Smith.  In our eyes, a Soda Springs Super Hero.

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