The Mayor with overwhelming support from the City Council would like to recognize the Caribou County Sun and its Editor and Chief Mr. Mark Steele as a Soda Springs Super Hero. The Greater Soda Springs Community is exceptionally fortunate to have this very special treasure in our community called the Caribou County Sun and the great man behind its success, Mark Steele. Mark and Wendy Steele have owned and operated one of the last independently owned newspapers in the intermountain region for over 40 years.  In that time Mark has won many awards through the Idaho Press Club for his photography, writing and the local treasured columns “I’d Rather Be Fishing” and “As I See It”. Mark’s background includes a Masters in Journalism and Mental Health Mass Communications and it is rumored that his love of politics goes back to his childhood days of hanging out on the steps of the Boise Capitol. Mark’s unique gift of seeing the many sides of any issue has endeared him to his many readers and this community and as much as he would like to be seen as a grumpy, opinionated, old cowboy we really see a positive, caring, generous, irreplaceable member of our community. With great thanks and respect we honor Mark Steele and the Caribou County Sun as a Soda Springs Super Hero.

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