Soda Springs Super Heros

Soda Springs Super Heros

Mayor Smith honors Clear Spring Foods, Inc.

xclear_springs_super_hero_(2)_WebThe Mayor honored Clear Spring Foods / Jerry Giles, Mgr. with the “Soda Springs Super Heroes” award.The local Clear Spring Trout Farm has hosted an annual Fishing Derby for 24 years. The Fishing derby is held in conjunction with the Chamber sponsored Winter Carnival. The Fishing Derby has had huge success bringing 100’s of people to Soda Springs benefiting local businesses and creating fundraising opportunities for youth groups. Over $80,000 has been raised in the last 15 years from the Fishing Derby with all of the proceeds going to support and improve local programs and projects. Some of the programs that have been supported by these funds include the Job’s Daughters, Juniors Archery Club, Soda Springs High School Athletics, Soda Springs Library, local Food Bank, Veteran’s Memorial and most recently the Soda Springs Fire Department. After the Derby the Clear Springs ponds are open to youth 14 & under and seniors 60 & older for fishing.

Jerry Giles the current manager of the Clear Spring operation in Soda Springs has been with the Company since 1987 and back in Soda Springs for the last 6 years. Mr. Giles credits former resident and manager Doug Foss along with the local staff for the success of the Derby. Mr. Giles also credits Tony Varilone and members of the Carriboo Development Foundation and The Greater Soda Springs Community Development Committee for their annual support in organizing the event.

Clear Spring Trout Co. was founded in 1966 by Jess O. (Ted) Eastman to raise Rainbow Trout to sell to his previous employer, when the employer would not buy the fish Ted built his own processing plant and eventually bought out his previous employer. Clear Spring Foods, Inc. is now a privately held employee-owned company.


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