Soda Springs Super Heros

Soda Springs Super Heros

Kelly Park Ski Trail Groomers Thanked for Service......


The City recognized and thanked the Kelly Park Ski Trail Groomers naming them  “Soda Springs Super Heroes” for their volunteer efforts.

Jack Sturm           Mike Nally
Rod Fraser          Jeff Horsley
Ron Facer            Charlie Kator
Matt Young

Since 2011 these volunteers have provided the City and the Community an excellent service by grooming the Kelly Park Ski Trails.  Grooming is done as needed and some times as often as 7 days a week.  Grooming the trails takes training and knowledge of the trails – the groomers must also know how to operate and care for the snowmobile and grooming equipment and maintain fuel and oil.

Besides just the grooming there is a lot of time spent preparing for the winter season installing trail markers, assessing drainage issues, servicing the equipment and then taking down the trail wands and storing the equipment for summer.


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