Soda Springs Super Heros

Soda Springs Super Heros

Gus Green a Soda Springs Super Hero

Derry “Gus” Greene was nominated by the Caribou County Senior Citizens Center as a Soda Springs Super Hero. Gus Greene is an amazing man. He is probably one of the most kindhearted and thoughtful people around. Gus has been a volunteer with the Senior Center since 2012. He is an asset to the Caribou County Senior Center and is truly a fixture for the Meals-on-Wheels and Home Delivered Meals programs. He and his wife, Lorraine, are so dedicated to helping deliver meals to Caribou County residents. He truly cares about those individuals they visit and always takes the extra time to check in on them to make sure things are ok. Gus is willing to go above and beyond.

Gus shows compassion for everyone, not just those individuals he currently visits. He is always aware of others around him who are in need of some kind of help. Whether it is helping to move, completing handyman jobs, or arranging for meals for those in need, Gus is always willing to lend a hand. He is the first to offer assistance and remains close to ensure that individual needs are met. One of the most incredible things about Gus (despite all of these wonderful characteristics) is that he does all of this without expecting, or wanting, much praise and recognition. He does not expect anything in return.

Besides his volunteer work for the Senior Citizens Center Gus is a member of the Christian Motor Cycle Association and is a volunteer elder in his local church. Gus has traveled to many places including Bogotá Columbia to help build churches. For many years Gus has checked in on friends, neighbors and widows to help with home repairs when needed and one of the highlights of his life were the many years he volunteered as a coach for numerous little league teams.

The world could use more Gus Greene’s! We are very lucky to have Gus Greene in our town. He makes Caribou County a better place with his generosity and his compassion. Gus Greene is truly a Soda Springs Superhero!

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