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A remnant of the old Soda Springs was the awkward intersection at 3rd West and Highway 30 near Soda Sip.  A few years ago, the City proposed eliminating the old road (West 220 South) that cut through the middle of Point S Tire and constructing a new road (West 225 South) on the north boundary of the Stake Center.  In a cooperative effort between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Point S, Soda Sip and the City of Soda Springs, land was purchased and exchanged, and the new road constructed.  The old road was abandoned by the city and deeded to the current landowners.  The overall goal was to improve the safety of the 3rd West and Highway 30 intersection by eliminating through traffic on the old road (West 220 South).  To further improve that intersection, the City and Soda Sip approached the State of Idaho and requested a new entrance/exit to allow Soda Sip customers to exit directly north.  The State denied that requested stating that the current configuration along Highway 30 did not conform to current state guidelines and a new exit onto Highway 30 would not be approved.  As we collectively met with the State to explore alternatives, the State suggested we consider a traffic control alternative using reflective delineators.  Over the past number of weeks, the City and Soda Sip have been working on an agreeable solution.  On Wednesday, November 17th; the traffic control delineators were installed to improve public safety at that intersection.  Traffic is now controlled to allow only right turns onto 3rd West as one exits Soda Sip.  The owners of Soda Sip and Point S have graciously allowed and encourage patrons to exit that area through their parking lot onto Highway 30.  We feel that these measures will improve traffic flow in the area and reduce the risk of accident.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.  We hope this backstory provides some context and an appreciation of the complexity of this project.  Best regards to all.  Wishing each of you the Happiest of Holidays in the coming weeks.

Mayor and City Council City of Soda Springs


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